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a fabulous floors technician refinishing hardwood floors in denver co

Hardwood floor refinishing is the ideal service for those that would like to change the stain color of their floors or if a floor has serious damage that needs to be corrected. Granted, our refinishing service tends to be more expensive than our resurfacing, but it’s still much more cost-effected than getting a full replacement! From eager investors to new homeowners and even just people looking to restore the true beauty of their home, people everywhere in the Denver area rely on our hardwood refinishing services. Our method begins by removing debris from your floors and prepping it for further work. Then, we sand your floors down to bare wood, stain it with your dream color, and then seal it with a quality polyurethane finish. This keeps your floors looking like new for years to come! We understand that your hardwood floors are a significant investment, so we will treat them accordingly. We always make sure to sand the stain between each coat, guaranteeing a smooth and flawless finish. We also guarantee that our products are Green Certified, meaning they are non-toxic for your family and the environment! There’s truly no better way to get your floors restored.

a resurfaced parquet floor

Experience the benefits of our eco-friendly hardwood resurfacing process, designed with the safety of your family and the environment in mind. Rest assured, our method preserves the existing color and integrity of your floors, leaving them unharmed. Our process is thoughtfully designed to minimize disruption to your busy schedule, ensuring a quick and efficient transformation of your hardwood floors. Resurfacing your hardwood floors is one of the most cost-effective, value-adding home improvement services available. One of the best aspects of our service is that we can complete most projects within just one day, rather than spreading out the work over several days! On top of that, our hardwood resurfacing service starts at a cost of only 99¢ per square foot, which also makes it incredibly easy to estimate the cost of your project – simply measure the square footage of the area to be resurfaced. To resurface a hardwood floor, we remove just the existing finish through a unique buffing process. As a result, surface scratches, scuff marks, dull areas, and even discoloration can be eliminated. After we remove the scuffs, we will apply a thin coat of our polyurethane sealant to protect your hardwood floors.